About GSMA

Formed in November 2002 with the help of 22 initial members, the Gift Sales Manager Association (GSMA) is the only organization created for and by gift and home décor sales managers.

GSMA uses the combined knowledge and experience of its members to discuss all aspects of sales management, with the common goal of improving company operations and increasing sales. Bi-annual meetings and an exchange of information and ideas throughout the year, help each member more effectively and professionally manage their sales network.

As a group, our mission is to grow the industry by responding to the needs of our customers, rep groups, and Industry peers through education and communication.

We hope you will take the time to learn more about our association and consider making a difference in the gift and home décor industry by joining us!

The Benefits

Be a part of Something Great:
  • Explore better ways to motivate, manage, train, and communicate with sales reps.
  • Share experiences and information with other sales managers. Particpate in open discussions on tough topics.
  • Network and learn from guest speakers and industry professionals invited to attend our meetings.
  • Benefit in a forum for idea exchanges designed to help members improve their company operations and increase sales.
  • Learn how to market your company and products more effectively.
  • Expand your advertising and marketing exposure cost effectively by combining strategies with other members.
  • GSMA members and the companies involved, will promote and offer various benefits to their customers throughout the year.
  • Sales organizations will benefit from GSMA’s commitment to improve communications, as well as support and strengthen the Gift Industry.

How to Join

Membership is open to any company in the gift industry. With the goal of honest and open communications, GSMA may limit membership of competing companies. Potential members submit their applications and catalogs for review by the membership committee. Membership fees are $175 annually and are due May 1.

For membership information contact: Kim Ryon: KKRyon10@gmail.com

GSMA Membership Application

Apply Online For Membership

Download a printable membership application
(Click to open and print the application or right-click the link and "Save Target As" to save the application to your computer)


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